Monday, October 6, 2014

Tricolor Sandwich

     Tricolor and multi flavour sandwich for family members in breakfast on a holiday or to arouse taste buds of your esteemed guests.


Sandwich bread
  [white or brown]        4 slice  for 1 sandwich

Paneer               50 gm
Cucumber or cabbage.    1
Capsicum.         1
Carrot.          2piece 
Tomato        2medium      
Green coriender or mint chutney.     2 -3 tbsp
Tomato sauce.     2-3tbsp
Lemon juice.        1 tsp
Chilli sauce.          1tbsp
Cheese.                 3-4 cubs
Black paper powder.    1 tsp
Butter               2tbsp
Salt to taste


Remove the side crusts off the slices if necessary.
Grate the paneer.
Grate the cheese.
Slice the tomatoes finely.mix black paper powder and 1 pinch salt

Peel off and grate cucumber. Mix 1/2 tsp lemon juice and   finnly chopped capsicum

Prepare green coriander chutney using green chilli.


Place one slice on a plate,.Add a layer of grated paneer & cheese.Place second slice over first one.Spread green chutney and add grated cucumber all over.Sprinkle salt.Add chilli sauce.
Place third slice on second one,spread tomato sauce and then tomato slices all over.
Take a fourth slice,spread thin layer of butter and place it as cover with buttered side down.

Once assembled,cut each one into 2 triangles and wrap each triangle with paper napkin.
Tricolor sandwich is ready.
     Serve immediately otherwise the sandwich will become saggy and difficult to hold.

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