Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Kaali Gajar ka Halwa

A mouthful of usual red Gajar ka halwa tastes heavenly especially in winters and this dish adds a twist of kaali gajar to it (deep purple carrots). This is an exclusive dish from Banaras (Varanasi) in the northern India and stands out slightly different in taste than the traditional red halwa although equally mouth-watering. So get your hands on this unusual variety of carrots this season and try out this recipe!


  • Black Carrot                            1/2 kg
  • Milk                                         1 liter
  • Khoa                                        150 gm
  • Sugar                                       1 cup
  • Pure Ghee                                2  tbs
  • Cashew nuts                            8-9 pieces (broken into tiny pieces)
  • Almonds                                  4-5 pieces (Soaked in 1/2cup of water)
  • Raisin                                      9-10 pieces
  • Pistachios                                4-5 piece (shredded)
  • Green Cardamom Powder      1/4  tsp
  • Grated coconut                        2 tbsp  


  1. Grate the carrots after peeling.
  2. Add 2 serving spoons of milk to the grated carrot and put it for boiling in a pan (or use a pressure cooker till one whistle). Once boiled, keep aside for cooling. 
  3. Take rest of the milk it in a deep frying pan or a cooking pot and bring it boil.
  4. Simmer the milk to a thick consistency (quantity may reduce to almost 2/3rd).
  5. While the milk simmers, check if the carrots have cooled down (shouldn't be too warm), then grind them lightly in the mixer.  
  6. Add the carrots to the boiled (thick) milk and continue to cook till the mixture appears to be dry (carrots have soaked in the milk).
  7. Add ghee and stir fry at a low flame for 2-3 minutes.
  8. Add grated khoa and stir thoroughly for 4-5 minutes.
  9. Add sugar and continue to stir lightly until it is dry again. 
  10. Last but not the least, add dry fruits and mix well. Now, Halwa is ready!
  11. Serve warm with some extra dry fruits on the top to make it more tempting.   

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